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Bead a Beaded Bead

As a beginner, I’m still trying to find the right pattern and details for beadweaving seed beads stitched onto round wooden core beads. Some tutorials come with the supplies to get you started, but don’t tell you exactly what brand of Japanese seed beads (Miyuki, Toho or Matsuno) they sent so you can buy them again. I’ve figured out that Czech glass beads sizes aren’t uniform, but I’m still unsure exactly what I need to buy without a lot of trial and error. It has taken me several attempts to figure out how and when to decrease the stitch so that it fits tightly around the bead.

If anyone know of the best beaded bead pattern, please point me in the right direction. In the meantime, here are my latest attempts.

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Just found this blog. Really nice stuff on here. Thanks for sharing.


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