Indianapolis, Indiana

True Blue

I got a true blue award from Laurel at StudioLolo. Tapadh leat, Lolo for this wonderful award. I appreciate what the award stands for – that you will always stand by me. We may not see each other in person but I hope that our blogging connection will always be there.

*In a British accent*
I guess I am now a true blue blood blogger – or royal blogger if you please. 🙂

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Congrats, Kim! Totally deserved. I’m glad you have the badge larger because I’m going blind and could not tell what on earth was in the center. It’s Flipper!

I’ve haven’t been out and about much lately but am having a Xmas Eve drawing so hope you can make it. Free print of the winners choice!

Hi Sully and hope you all have a Very Merry!

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